Your First Consultation

On your first consultation visit you can expect a comprehensive evaluation probably including skin testing and summary visit that day, or soon thereafter. If skin testing is scheduled and preformed you should plan to be in our office for approximately 3 hours. We recommend you contact your insurance company regarding allergy-testing coverage prior to your appointment to verify your individual coverage. There may also be an insurance authorization required from your insurance carrier prior to the visit.

Please complete the appropriate office forms attainable here and bring them with you for your first visit. We will not be able to see you if this paperwork is not completed upon your arrival. This information is needed for treating your individual and special needs.

Due to the length of time scheduled for this first appointment, we would appreciate if you would not bring any children with you.

If you require any medications regularly, it is most helpful if you bring a list of the medications being taken, their dosage and frequency, when you are seen for return vsits. Please be sure to bring your injection schedule sheet and extracts for each return visit. Patients should be seen at least once yearly to be re-evaluated for new medications, possible change in extract dosage, or content or possible discontinuation of treatment. If pregnancy occurs, or is suspected, clear all medications with our office immediately.

If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us. It is our firm belief that best results are achieved through patient education and close physician-patient communication.